Are your choices destroying your relationships?

My name is Carolyne Onkoba. I am a registered nurse who worked myself into a frenzy. I believed my financial success was more important than anything else.

I missed many of my daughter’s school events, but I talked myself into believing I was offering her the example of my “good work ethic.”

When my mother passed away, I felt like I barely knew her, even though she was living in my home. Finally, I woke up and made a different choice.

I realized the true cost of my “perfect life” was far too high a price to pay.

And now I want to help you wake up too , by getting into right relationship with work, your partner, your children, your family.

If you’re just starting to realize you’ve been making choices in life that aren’t serving you, you can change. Find out more below...

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Here’s a different choice you can make, right now:
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we can explore where you are right now – and where you want to be.

This session will empower you to:

• Stop feeling defeated and take control of your life

• Restore a sense of purpose and meaning

• Make choices that bring you into right relationship

• Get on the “right track” with an intentional, deliberate plan

I want to show you what I can do to help you to make a positive change in your life. This session is available to you for zero cost and there is no obligation for you to continue.



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  • avatar Gerson Hortua Musician

    I can recommend Carolyne's coaching as a very effective tool you can apply to your life and business. She made me realize the potential I have in business and in my personal life - and that I already have the tools I need to manifest my dreams and pursue my goals. You won't regret the decision to join Carolyne for any of her coaching programs!

  • avatar Claudia Cano Realtor

    Carolyne's coaching is like a refreshing drink of water. Every time we speak, her words of wisdom and love open my eyes, clear my mind, and refresh my spirit. My life has improved substantially in all areas - my real estate career, my relationship with my daughter, and my prayers to God. I cannot recommend her enough if you want positive change in your life.

About Carolyne Onkoba

Carolyne Onkoba is a Registered Nurse turned entrepreneur and coach. She has spent many years working her way up the ladder, eventually managing and leading a team of nurses in a large medical center. She became obsessed with chasing financial and career success, taking every opportunity for overtime and rejoicing at each promotion.

Her career choices came at a high price – her marriage suffered and she missed many of her daughter’s milestones. Still, Carolyne rationalized the cost with the belief that her busyness equaled success… that providing a better financial life for her family was more important than sharing her time.

Still, it wasn’t until her mother became ill that her perspective started to change. She invited her mother to live with her, and while Carolyne was very capable of caring for her physically, she did not have time to really connect with her at this important time of life. When her mother passed, she realized the true cost of the choices she had been making.

The example she sets now for her coaching clients is one of walking her talk. God is once again at the center of her life. Her choices reflect her desire to be in right relationship with Him and the people around her, and she authentically infuses her work with the Spirit, seven days a week.

Her fearlessness is based on what she has experienced: That God loves us beyond our problems, our mistakes, and that, when we step out in faith, He provides for our needs.

Today, Carolyne is an internationally recognized leadership and life coach with the goal of helping her clients restore their life from the overwhelming pressure of today's busy lifestyle. She wants to share that message with everyone, to show them the true success of trust, gratitude, and faith.

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